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We are from the South

Founded by Ezequías Alliende and Anton Felmer after more than 25 years of experience in the investment area. Who, with all their business management knowledge and experience, have decided to address the challenge of taking high potential companies and making them grow through prívate investment funds at the same time with management support. With this they can integrate business ideas with good administration and capital to grow.

This integration is synergistic for all since these companies will grow in value with the help of management and capital delivered by Südlich. This value which will also be distributed to the investors who believe in the investment fund vehicle which created it.
We are a private investment fund manager created in the southern Austral of Chile, with the mission of creating value for its investors through financial creativity, positively impacting the environment.

Our vision is to generate investment models of high profitability, with a long-term perspective, that generate a real contribution to the industries of the southern zone of Chile.

Partner director

Ezequías Alliende

With great experience in industries linked to production and logistics at sea, Ezequias has managed to stand out as a great businessman in the southern part of Chile.

With a strategic vision, this Civil Engineer from the University of Chile, will give Südlich Capital an important contribution in the investment committees of each fund that is formed.

Partner director

Anton Felmer

Always linked to the financial world and with a long history in important M&A negotiations, Anton demonstrates his experience by investing with FRAM in interesting companies and achieving his turnaround.

This PUC Agricultural Engineer, MBA IDE Madrid, wants to deliver its full potential in Südlich, to push the economy of the southern part of Chile, based on the development of companies through the Investment Funds.

Partner director

Constanza Jaramillo

The formality and protection of good practices will be delivered by Constanza our lawyer. She will provide us with her experience in different legal studies that will be essential when analyzing each investment opportunity. She is a lawyer from the Universidad de los Andes with a degree in Civil responsibility.

Fund Manager Real Estate

María Jesús Uriarte

In 2021 María Jesús joins Südlich Capital as a partner and Fund Manager of Anker I, our first fund in the Real Estate area with investments in multifamily development in the US.

This PUC Commercial Engineer has 10 years of experience in real estate post-sale, retail and finance in high net worth investments, which provides integral knowledge for the develop of this area of Südlich.

Fund Manager VC

Maxime Freyss

Maxime is French and have been living in Chile for the last 15 years. He has worked in the forest industry, bank and venture capital. At the beginning of 2021 he decided to move and live in Puerto Varas and incorporated Südlich Capital as General Partner and Fund Manager of our first VC fund: Exploradores I. Maxime is bringing in his youth, vision of the startups ecosystem and solid financial skills.


Julie Chauveinc

Julie joins Südlich Capital in 2022 as CFO. As a Civil Engineer from the Ecole Centrale of Nantes, France, with a double degree in Structural Civil Engineering of the Universidad de Chile, she has experience in developping and managing engineering projects for the mining industry, portuary industry and in hydraulics and railway works.

Corporate Affairs

María Ignacia Jarpa

María Ignacia has a degree in social communication and journalism from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile with extensive experience in corporate communication, public relations and Social Responsibility. She arrived to Puerto Varas 17 years ago and since then, she has been specialized in marketing, social media and communications. In September 2022 she joins the Südlich team as Head of Corporate Affairs.

Value generation

Value understood not only in the profitability of assets, but also as a positive impact on the environment, value with purpose.

Financial Innovation

Once the challenges have been identified, look for new ways to finance them, which contemplate attractive and simple figures so that the investors will love the proposals)

Financial creativity

Seek that the intelligence of SÜDLICH executives captures opportunities for empowerment or inefficiencies in the industries that allow value rescue and to be able to distribute it. This will require thinking outside the box and looking beyond the common vision.


Based not only on theoretical knowledge for the preparation that Südlich managers and their team have, but also for the years of real management and investment they have lived

Positive impact

The generation of value must be able to be distributed to all Stakesholders, not only in the investors who risked their capital in the projects, but also in the companies that allowed themselves to be intervened in, in the workers who believed in the intervention project, in the community that saw how the company or the project grew and the environment in which everything unfolds.

Business areas

We have several investment areas, all through the creation of private investment funds and with the obligation to positively impact the entire environment in which they move.

Private EquityReal EstateVenture CapitalValue Creation

Business areas

Private Equity

This area of investment is aimed at long-term value generation, investing in companies that show a potential for future flows based on solid foundations in the industry and markets in which they develop. It is also expected that with adding capital and management support, SÜDLICH will be an agent of positive change in the future development of the portfolio companies.


Private equity


This fund has bought Private Equity investments in different areas such as Shipyards, Fintech, Shipping Companies. Still open still looking for more investment opportunities always in the Southern Austral of Chile.

Business areas

Real Estate

This area of investment, aims to creatively and innovatively seek investment opportunities in land or real estate, with projects that integrate different participants to form a proposal for sale or lease outside the classic standards that these areas of investment contemplate. With a clear component to the generation of value for all the interacting parties and always looking to positively impact the environment.


Real Estate


First fund formed by the Real Estate area.
The investment capital of this fund is USD 10 MM and its objective is to invest in a portfolio of Multifamily real estate projects developed by Invest Capital Management in the southern US.


Business areas

Venture Capital

This area focuses on the search for companies with high potential, those that need an injection of capital to move to a higher level. The Venture Capital area will form the investment funds for this purpose. And together with managing the potentiation through investment, it will be accompanied in management and administration, resulting in value growth. This value will also be distributed among the investors of the private investment fund.


Venture Capital


It is the first fund formed by the Venture Capital area, which is supported by CORFO, which finances 2X against the capital raised by the fund's participants. This fund has an investment capital of USD 21,000,000.- and its objective is to invest in 10 companies that impact the industries of southern Chile.

Business areas

Value Creation

This area is the most innovative, its team is focused on searching for financial opportunities with high creativity and innovation, studying capital flows in different industries, to identify how to potentiate them to generate value by intervening or also looking to stop existing loss causing inefficiencies. All the value that is captured will be distributed among the interested parties.

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